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Street Fighter 5’s new stage transitions are good and really goofy

Wear your hot dog crown proudly

Capcom released an update for Street Fighter 5 today that adds a new DLC character, Urien, as well as a host of other new features: daily challenges, a Versus CPU mode, character colors. There are also nine new environmental knockouts — or stage transitions — that will make your victories that much more amusing.

Previously, only one stage in Street Fighter 5 had an environmental KO: the Bustling Side Street stage set in China. Knock out a character on that stage, and depending on which side of the level you’re on, they’ll either be thrown into a bus or into a noodle shop and be crowned with a bowl of soup.

With today’s update, Bustling Side Street is no longer unique. Now, you can further humiliate your opponent in all-new, extremely goofy ways, all of which you can see in the compilation video above, courtesy of YouTube user Charles Lupula.

For a rundown of everything that’s included in today’s Street Fighter 5 update, check out Capcom Unity’s post.

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