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No Man’s Sky mod for Doom is the crossover you never knew you wanted

Now the Doomguy gets to visit the center of the universe

Twenty-three years since launch, Doom remains a popular breeding ground for modders to execute their craftiest, quirkiest ideas. Doom mods may have just reached their cultural apex with the release of "No Guy’s Sky," a take on No Man's Sky that combines randomly generated planetary features with classic Doom gunplay and a healthy sense of humor.

Watch above as the Doomguy boldly goes where no man has gone before ("apart from the natives ... and they don’t have a flag," the introductory text adds), landing on a planet where Doom-style monsters roam free. Some of these boast the faces of astrophysicst Neil DeGrasse Tyson and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, which may encourage or discourage players from pacifistic play.

Although the mod borrows Doom’s engine and visuals, the basic mechanics mirror those of No Man’s Sky. Players will be mining for minerals, visiting space stations that offer a small selection of items and otherwise journeying toward the center of the universe.

The mod is free to download, like all Doom modifications, and players can tweak it to add different faces to the alien creatures of "No Guy’s Sky." Consider this version of the game the lo-fi, bizarro No Man’s Sky — just with fewer glitches, much lower expectations and a less protracted development process.

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