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Watch a full Watch Dogs 2 mission with hacking, infiltration and a dog

Challenge accepted

In Watch Dogs 2, the hacker group known as DedSec has become something of a household name, with an executive from a home automation firm called Haum literally daring DedSec to come after the company. As you can see in our 13-minute gameplay video of a mission from the game, "Haum Sweet Haum," that bold challenge doesn’t go so well for Haum.

Marcus Holloway, the new hacker hero of Watch Dogs 2, is hanging out with The Wrench, an engineer at DedSec, when they catch a media interview with the Haum CEO in which he boasts that the firm’s new operating system, Haum 2.0, is "completely bulletproof."

"If they want to go up against us, I invite them to try," the CEO says of DedSec.

"He don’t know who he’s fucking with," Marcus says to The Wrench. "It’s on now."

The Wrench sends Marcus on a mission to infiltrate a Haum distribution center for a smash-and-grab: hijacking a truck filled with a shipment of pre-order units for Haum 2.0 devices. Marcus uses remote-controlled tools like the Jumper, a small two-wheeled vehicle, and the Quadcopter, an aerial drone, to survey the avenues of entry into the facility and help hack items that will get him to his goal — including the goal itself, the truck, which he hacks into and drives via the Quadcopter.

We’ll have more from Watch Dogs 2 later today. The game is set for release Nov. 15 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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