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Pokémon Go will help you remember where you caught your Pokémon again

And Pokémon Go Plus gets a boost too

A player catches a Psyduck using AR mode in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go versions 1.9.0 and 0.39.0, respectively, are rolling out right now to iOS and Android devices, and the update is mainly focused around the new Pokémon Go Plus peripheral. But those who don’t own the hard-to-find dongle will also benefit from the tweaks, including the return of the capture location feature.

Patch notes are found on the mobile game’s Facebook page, detailing the two primary changes coming to the game. Most exciting of these is the ability to see where your Pokémon were caught. This information will be contained on a Pokémon’s profile screen, although some players have already noted that it’s not the most accurate functionality yet.

That feature was in the game when it first launched, but after Niantic removed the faulty nearby Pokémon tracker, it took out caught Pokémon’s map data too. That doesn’t mean reinstating capture locations points to the nearby tracking system’s return, although San Francisco-area beta testers have checked out a revision of the dysfunctional mode.

The other update available to all players is the ability to use Incense with Pokémon Go Plus. The accessory launched last Friday, and though it still has issues on some Android devices, we’ve enjoyed our time with it thus far. The Plus lets players catch Pokémon without having their eyes glued to their phone screens all day, and now they’ll be able to lure in even more monsters with the addition of Incense compatibility.

Even as it gets colder, Niantic is tweaking Pokémon Go to keep it fresh — even without any of those minor text fixes fans love so much this time around.

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