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Pokémon Generations tells the story of how Gary Oak made it into the Indigo League

Watch episode three right here

The third episode of Pokémon Generations is now live on YouTube, and this installment captures an experience every Pokémon trainer dreams of: toppling the Elite Four. This edition stars Blue, every player's rival in the first generation of Pokémon games, as he takes on the Kanto Region's greatest trainers.

Blue — you may know him as Gary Oak, the entitled grandson of Professor Oak — enters the hall with an overwhelming confidence, making waste of the Elite Four's core members with ease. It's when he goes up against the final member Lance that Blue finds himself with an even match, but even that fight ends swiftly.

Okay, so maybe Blue has an easier time with the Pokémon games' greatest challenge than most. That's how he ends up as the Indigo Plateau's Pokémon Champion in Pokémon Red and Blue, after all. That's a surprising twist in the first generation of games, making for one of its most memorable parts.

Pokémon Generations airs weekly on YouTube. You can catch the double-premiere from last week as well, although there's no overarching plot to this sprawling, generation-spanning anthology series.

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