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In Destiny: Rise of Iron, rare engrams can turn into exotic gear

No, really! We have video evidence!

Destiny - Monte Carlo screenshot 1920
The Monte Carlo, an exotic auto rifle in Destiny.
Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Loot is the lifeblood of Destiny, and engrams — the drops that eventually turn into that loot — are infamous for tending to be a source of consternation rather than joy for players. Destiny developer Bungie improved the engram system back in April with the game’s spring update, and in the new expansion Rise of Iron, the studio appears to have made one more big change: Rare engrams can decrypt into exotic items.

For the uninitiated, Destiny engrams come in five main varieties: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), legendary (purple) and exotic (yellow). Until now, all engrams except white ones could decrypt into two tiers of gear: items at the engram’s level of rarity, or one tier above that level. For instance, a green engram would be likely to turn into an uncommon weapon or piece of armor, and it could also turn into a rare item — but it couldn’t give you anything legendary or exotic.

By that logic, you would figure that a blue engram could never decrypt into an exotic weapon or piece of armor, and you would have been right — until this week, apparently. Rise of Iron players have been reporting since the expansion’s launch on Sept. 20 that here and there, they’ve seen rare engrams turn into exotic gear.

We had this happen just last night, with an engram for a rare primary weapon that turned into a 335-attack Monte Carlo, an exotic auto rifle. We were so shocked that we froze and didn’t take a screenshot before the icon disappeared, but we did get footage of it courtesy of the PlayStation 4’s video capture:

Go forth with this new knowledge, Guardians, and decrypt blue engrams with a renewed anticipation for what they may bring. For more on Rise of Iron, check out our initial impressions.

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