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Mafia 3's hero cleans up a crooked hotel in extended gameplay preview

Checkout time is when he says it is

Mafia 3 launches in about two weeks and 2K Games is previewing the open-world crime adventure with an expansive 15-minute look at its map, gameplay, lore and more. This is the demo shown at Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show last week.

Mafia 3 is every bit the period piece that its predecessor, Mafia 2, was, but from the looks of it, the open world of New Bordeaux will be a bit more meaningful than that of Empire Bay, which was little more than a large tableau for a linear series of missions. New Bordeaux features rich and poor districts, drugs and white supremacists, travel by both car and boat, and gunplay galore.

After a scene-setter, Hangar 13, the developing studio, begins the demo with a hit on a top mob lieutenant in a ring-a-ding downtown hotel. Hangar 13 chooses to go the stealth route, despite getting a driver's-side door full of lead in the process. After plowing through a garage full of deaf stooges, protagonist Lincoln Clay sprays everyone with lead and birdshot to take out the drawling pencil-neck running the mob's money operation.

Mafia 3 launches Oct. 7 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. For more on the game, the first by Hangar 13, see our preview from E3 2016.

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