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Play Urien in his Street Fighter 3 underpants with this one weird trick

Urien debuted on the Street Fighter 5 roster with the game's latest update this week, but not sporting his speedo look from his Street Fighter 3 debut. There is, however, a way to get it. Free, of curse.

During the pre-fight intro, hold down light punch, medium kick and heavy punch. Urien will burn off all his clothes down to his skivvies. Shoryuken spotted this clip, courtesy of the stream of Joe Ciarameli.

This little trick works no matter what Urien's wearing, whether that's his battle outfit or story mode outfit. In the former, he will keep his long hair look, and in the latter, he'll still be wearing his shades.

The Street Fighter 5 update launched on Thursday. The PC version is being rolled back by Capcom because incompatibilities in an anti-cheat update broke the game. The PlayStation 4 edition, however, should be good to go.

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