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Pokémon's best move is the garbage-throwing Gunk Shot

Pokémon throwing trash cans at each other is objective greatness

There are more than 600 moves in the Pokémon series, from Pound to Hyperspace Fury. Dazzling as many of these are, there’s only one Pokémon move that matters: Gunk Shot.

A popular, recent thread on the Pokémon Go subreddit illustrates why this poison-type move is so, so great. Below, watch as Murkey the Muk rips an enemy Lickitung a new one, first with repeated mounds of sludge, then with ... a trash can?

Yes, Gunk Shot by definition entails a posion-type Pokémon chucking "filthy garbage" at its foe. Sometimes that takes the form of a mound of trash that’s coalesced together. Sometimes a Pokémon will conjure a trash can out of thin air and send it flying.

Either way, Gunk Shot is something to behold. After 20 years, it’s easy to suspend disbelief when it comes to Pokémon designs and mechanics — there are Pokémon that resemble ice cream cones, sentient keychains and talking cats, after all. But Gunk Shot takes Pokémon fighting to the edge of credulity — and that’s why it’s so great.

We may never know where that trash can comes from, or how a Pokémon survives from that impact, or why an element-wielding Pokemon has to resort to physical objects. That’s okay. We don’t need to know the "whys" of everything. Sometimes things just are. Gunk Shot just is.

To the skeptics, however, a Pokémon weaponizing trash could still be kind of baffling. These people should consider that there is also a Pokémon composed of literal garbage. It’s called Garbador. It belongs to the "trash heap" species of Pokémon.

You can watch Garbador use Gunk Shot below, around the 11:30 mark. Have a wonderful day.

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