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Take a look at Virginia and make up your own mind

Here's the opening gameplay sequence to an arresting Twin Peaks-esque thriller

I reviewed Virginia last week, and I liked it a lot, saying that the cinematic crime-thriller "will have significant influences over games yet to be conceived." But is it worth your time, money and energy?

Frankly, if you're bored by so-called "walking simulations" and narrative games, then Virginia is unlikely to change your mind. But if you like games such as Gone Home, That Dragon, Cancer and Firewatch, then this ought to be worth a look, especially if you're into '90s TV thrillers like Twin Peaks.

I took some footage of the opening sequence of the game (above), just for the opportunity to talk about its qualities. I didn't want to post a long gameplay video, because that might spoil the experience for players. One of the things I enjoyed about playing Virginia was that I knew hardly anything about it.

Even so, this short video only covers the game's first few minutes. I hope it helps you to decide whether or not to play. If you're still not satisfied, check out our feature about the making of the game. Virginia is available now on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, for around 10 bucks.

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