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Rogue One fan-created video series, Go Rogue, comes to an end in latest chapter

The final showdown between the Rebels and Empire

The fourth and final episode in Lucasfilm’s fan-created video series, Go Rogue, is here, and it doesn’t look good for the Rebellion.

In the new video centered around Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Rebellion army — led by Jyn Erso — are on a mission to rescue Captain Cassian Andor from the grips of Director Orson Krennic and steal the plans to the Death Star. While they’re able to get on the Empire’s ship and fight their way through the various stormtroopers and military officials to rescue Andor, not everything goes according to plan. By the end of the video, the Empire doesn’t exactly walk away empty handed.

Like the other three videos in the series, Chapter 4 highlights the different line of toys that will be available in just a couple of weeks from companies like Hasbro and Lego. In this specific episode, there are a couple of different toys making their debut and closer looks at big sets like the new Death Star model.

The toys will be available to purchase at the end of this month. Rogue One, the first stand-alone anthology film, hits theaters Dec. 16.

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