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Street hoops coming to PS4 with 3on3 Freestyle

Closed beta gets started; game launches by the end of 2016

3on3 Freestyle, an oft-delayed console adaptation of the street basketball Freestyle series for PC by Korean developer Joycity, will come to PlayStation 4 by the end of the year, the developer announced today on PlayStation Blog.

It's a notable development for a genre short on new titles, particularly in the arcade sports category. Joycity said it wants the game to appeal to both those who play pickup basketball and others who are committed sports video gamers.

3on3 Freestyle is a sequel to last year's Freestyle 2: Street Basketball, which launched in early 2015. It will launch between October and the end of the year. Past announcements had it launching in May, and then by the end of the summer. It's the first console game for Joycity.

3on3 Freestyle will feature local cooperative multiplayer, Joycity said, and a roster of characters with unique strengths and playstyles so that each user can customize a crew that plays to their strengths and personal style. The characters will also have back stories that unlock as the game progresses.

3on3 Freestyle will get a closed beta sometime before its launch; Joycity is taking signups for the beta on the 3on3 Freestyle website.

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