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Hello Neighbor is a voyeuristic indie home invasion simulator

A sinister AI learns your every move

Indie team Tiny Build, best known for games like Clustertruck and Punch Club, announced its latest project today: Hello Neighbor, a game that plays right into your suburban paranoia.

Based on its debut trailer above, Hello Neighbor looks like a Hitchcockian nightmare. The point of the stealth game is similar to the plot of Rear Window, where the player investigates their suspicious next-door neighbor’s house while they’re not home — at least, they think they’re not home. As they move through the house to uncover the dark secrets likely hiding in the basement, the player quickly learns they’re not alone after all.

The publisher said that the game uses an advanced, iterative AI system, with the creepy neighbor anticipating the player’s break-in attempts. He’ll set traps to stop the player in their tracks — and if he finds them, expect the anxiety level to ramp up real quick.

If they’re caught, the player will find that their neighbor isn’t so friendly. We won’t spoil what happens, and neither will Tiny Build, but the end of the trailer teases that Hello Neighbor has some disturbing consequences when the home invader fails to escape unseen.

Hello Neighbor is due out in summer 2017, Tiny Build says; the game’s Steam page lists it for a Windows PC release. There’s also an alpha that players can register for now, giving them an early chance to peek into the basement — if they dare.

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