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Hands on with Strafe, including an homage to Wolfenstein 3D

More than 20 minutes of the latest build from PAX West

The team from Strafe, the upcoming first-person shooter being published by Devolver Digital, is on hand at this year's PAX West with a huge playable portion of the game. We had lead programmer Stephen Raney take us through its gore-filled corridors with god mode on to show us all the ins and outs of this fast moving retro roguelike.

You'll see snippets of the hub area inside a crashed spaceship, as well as the more open alien world that comprises the game's second level. They also showed off a darker interior space from the third of its four planned levels. Raney also highlights tons of weapon customization options and melee attacks.

Later on in the video you'll also notice a standup arcade machine where you can play an in-fiction homage to the classic Wolfenstein 3D. We'll have more from our interview with the team in our continuing coverage of this year's PAX West.

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