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Fallout 4 DLC comforts longtime fan mourning the loss of his brother and father

Evan is in Nuka-World, enjoying the view

Fallout 4's latest downloadable content expansion, Nuka-World, pays tribute to the brother of a fan who died earlier this year, after both brothers lost their father in 2015.

The tribute is a non-player character named Evan (pictured in real-life cosplay above), who is named for the real-life brother of Reddit user NoohjXLVII. Evan is found in the southernmost end of Nuka-World's map and offers a recipe, for free, for cold, crisp Nuka-Love, a very refreshing beverage introduced by the expansion.

Here's video of the encounter:

Evan, says his brother, died of a diabetes-related illness earlier this year. NoohjXLVII recounted his sorrow for his brother in what began as a Reddit tribute to their father, who died at age 56 last year.

"I didn't take it well," Noohj wrote of their father's death. In Fallout 4's Automatron expansion, which allows users to create robot companions, he built a Sentrybot tribute (below) to his father. "It let me bond with my dad," he said

fallout sentrybot tribute

Noohj said he and his younger brother would often talk of what they would do if they lived in the Fallout world. Noohj said he would be a ghoul; Evan wanted to be a super mutant, "so we could travel the world together forever."

Bethesda Game Studios evidently noticed Noohj's writing and memorialized his brother in the game.

Evan is a human in Fallout 4 Nuka-World. His brother says that the words he uses in the game are authentic to his nature. Evan sits atop a kit-bashed mobile home, commenting sunnily about the weather and offering his supplies to the Lone Survivor.

"Let's just say that I've been out there," Evan says, "and the world can be a cruel and unforgiving place."

As for that free Nuke-Love recipe, please take it, says Evan's brother.

"He insists you take it," he said, "and in real life he would give you the shirt off of his back to help those in need."

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