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Overwatch fan channels Kanye to salute nerfed hero with 'I Miss the Old Genji'

Good luck getting this one out of your head

Brace yourselves, it's Overwatch's latest meme and earworm: a tribute to the recently nerfed Genji that parodies Kanye West's upturned middle finger to haters.

Here is "I miss the Old Genji," sung in the style of "I Miss the Old Kanye." Genji got busted down a few pegs in the middle of August, nerfing his wall climbing, ability to interrupt quick melee attacks, and cutting his Dragonblade ability by 2 seconds (25 percent).

"Genji was a little too difficult to pin down, and these changes will balance his speed," Blizzard said Aug. 17.

SB Nation noted back in April that "I Miss the Old Kanye" can be matched perfectly to the melody of the NBA on NBC theme composed by N.C. State alumnus John Tesh. If you need a sample of the original work, here it is. Kanye's kinda touchy about people putting his stuff up on YouTube otherwise.

If you want to hear the song on Soundcloud, it's below.

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