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Watch the PlayStation 4 slim completely disassembled in this teardown video

Tomorrow, maybe Sony will finally acknowledge what everyone knows.

The PlayStation 4 slim redesign is expected to be revealed at a Sony event tomorrow, and you can see what it looks like inside as well as out in this disassembly video uploaded recently to YouTube.

Courtesy of Links-Tech, this 30-minute teardown video shows all of the PS4 slim's internal components, though there is no voice-over to explain what is being shown or whether and how it is different from a standard PlayStation 4.

A video of the disassembly sped up 300 times is below.

The PlayStation 4 slim came to the attention of the public through an auction site on Aug. 21. Eurogamer managed to contact the seller and take video of the unit, plus it booting up, but later removed the video after getting a legal threat. Similar videos showing a reconfigured DualShock 4 controller have also been taken down. The entire console has been unboxed and reviewed but Sony has maintained total silence about it so far.

In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that Sony would announce two consoles soon: an updated base PS4 — which the slim appears to be — and "Neo," a higher-powered model that supports 4K video. Sony confirmed its plans for Neo back in June but it hasn't said what exactly will be discussed at tomorrow's event in Times Square.

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