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New Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer debuts Pokémon Snap-like feature, characters galore

It's the Pokémon Snap revival you always wanted — sort of!

Pokémon Sun and Moon got a new trailer this morning that shows off several new features, cast members and Pokémon for the upcoming seventh generation of games. Watch above for the Japanese-language look — and prepare yourself, because it's a long one.

Most interesting here are the new characters and features seen in the video. These include a quest to find pieces of the legendary Zygarde, scattered across the Alola region, and a function of the Pokédex, which was previously revealed to be a mutated Rotom as opposed to a simple device. The Pokédex includes a camera so that players can take pictures of Pokémon in the wild. From our first look at the feature, called the Poké Finder, it looks much like the classic Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap, which had players roaming the world to photograph favorite Pokémon.

Several new Pokémon have been revealed since the pair of games were announced earlier in May, including the starters and legendaries. A few of these were given the spotlight in today's trailer, while a handful of previously unseen Pokémon were also shown off. These include the mysterious Ultra Beasts, who are especially strong and unlike other Pokémon we've seen before. We'll have more detailed information on them later today.

We're also introduced to several new human characters in the video above. The shorter, English-language trailer below reveals that the white-suited trainers are the Aether Foundation, a group of researchers who aid the trainer in their ultimate quest of becoming the Alola region's Pokémon master. Also included is Gladion, the "enforcer" of Team Skull.

Also of note is that Pokémon Sun and Moon run 12 hours a part, making their stories slightly different. Events play out according to the altered day/night cycles in each game, according to the trailer. Appropriately, it looks like Sun takes place earlier while Moon is set later in the day.

Nintendo debuted a quick look at one of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new, super-strong Z-Moves during last week’s Direct Presentation. Fans got to see Snorlax, the sleepiest of monsters, finally be wide awake for battle, powered up by a Z-Crystal to use the Pulverizing Pancake move.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch Nov. 18 on Nintendo 3DS.

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