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After nine years in development, Owlboy is coming out this November

Check out the game’s pixel art environments in a new trailer

Developer D-Pad Studio is releasing its pixel art adventure game Owlboy on Nov. 1 after nine years in the making. D-Pad made the announcement at PAX West after releasing a new gameplay trailer a few weeks back.

You are Otus, a young, mute owl who is thrown into adulthood after sky pirates attack his home village. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and open-world exploration. Players will leap and fly through the open air and mysterious ruins infested with vicious monsters.

Otus can also lift some of his friends and carry them around, gaining special abilities he wouldn’t have otherwise. Otus’ bespectacled best friend Geddy, for example, carries a blaster that can be used to shoot enemies at long range.

D-Pad describes the game as "high-bit," taking inspiration from the Super Nintendo and Genesis era of 16-bit games while utilizing the power of modern PCs. You can see the meticulous detail that went into Owlboy’s scenic environments in the trailer above.

When Owlboy launches in November, it will be available for Windows PC via Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and other digital distribution platforms. A physical release, which includes the soundtrack and a mini art print, is also available to pre-order right now.

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