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Pokémon Sun and Moon is basically bringing back Pokémon Snap

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999

A slew of new Pokémon Sun and Moon details emerged this morning, but none were more exciting than Poké Finder, a new feature that sounds familiar to old-school Nintendo 64 fans. That’s because, after 17 years, we may have our successor to the classic spinoff Pokémon Snap.

Poké Finder is a minigame accessible from the Pokédex that encourages trainers to photograph Pokémon around Alola. There are designated spots where pictures can be taken, prompting a touch-based mode that allows for close-ups of fan-favorite Pokémon. These include the beloved Eevee and Pikachu to trickier finds like Dragonite, as seen in the latest trailers.

But Poké Finder isn’t just about capturing millennials’ attention with an Instagram-like feature. After taking a picture, a trainer’s talking, Rotom-infused Pokédex will assess the final results. Screenshots suggest that pictures can be uploaded so that trainers across the world can judge them too, making it even more Instagram-like.

Sending your photographs for review sounds much like Pokémon Snap, where Professor Oak rated the pics taken by Todd Snap, protagonist of the N64 game. Just as in that game, taking higher quality photos results in access to more features, like zooming in. As there are only designated areas for Pokémon photo shoots, don’t expect to be able to photograph every type of Pokémon, either — another Snap-like trait.

Fans have clamored for a Pokémon Snap sequel since the first game became a smash success. The Wii and Wii U, with their motion-based controllers and second-screen, were cited as especially good platforms for a follow-up. (The game's available stateside on the Wii Virtual Console, although it doesn't use motion controls.) That has yet to materialize, much to Pokémon diehards’ chagrin. Poké Finder sounds like a suitable, if smaller, replacement, and that it comes inside of a full-fledged Pokémon role-playing game makes it an even more attractive package.

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