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Sony reveals PS4 Neo's full name: PlayStation 4 Pro

We don’t have to call it Neo anymore

A new PlayStation 4 model is in development, and it’s called PlayStation 4 Pro. That’s the high-end, revamped hardware’s official name, which Sony confirmed during today’s PlayStation Meeting.

PS4 Pro boasts a faster processor, 4K-streaming capabilities and the ability to play games at a steady 60 fps at 1080p. Sony also said that the hardware game has more than double the GPU of the previous model and will include a 1TB hard drive. Although some games will be optimized for PS4 Pro, the majority of titles should be playable on both types of hardware.

Sony announced it was working on the mid-cycle refresh for its PlayStation 4 line-up in June. The more powerful PS4 has been known by a variety of names in the lead-up to today’s reveal, most notably "Neo," its codename. A report from the spring detailed its upgraded GPU, possible price point and overall graphical power boost for PS4 games.

Microsoft is also working on a 4K-capable, more powerful Xbox One. It’s known as Project Scorpio, and we got a brief look at it during the company’s E3 press conference this year. It’s due in late 2017.

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