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New, high-end PlayStation 4 Pro on sale this November

Play with even more power

Sony’s more powerful PlayStation 4, the PS4 Pro, will cost $399 when it launches on Nov. 10. Sony revealed the pricing and release details today during today’s PlayStation Meeting, where the company showed off the system for the first time.

At $399, the console comes in at a higher price than the current, basic model PS4. That also cost $399 when it launched in November 2013.

Also announced was the console’s full name. Long known by its codename, rumored to be "Neo," Sony confirmed that the high-end model is called PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony has plenty of other hardware arriving this year, like PlayStation VR. The virtual reality headset costs $399 and launches Oct. 13.

There’s also the PlayStation 4 slim, arriving on Sept. 15 for $299. The smaller form factor was unveiled today during the PlayStation Meeting, ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s reveal.

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