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PlayStation 4 Pro will be 4K, HDR capable

"Games are a natural for 4K and HDR"

Today, Sony unveiled its newest addition to its console lineup, the long-rumored PlayStation 4 Neo, which is being called the PlayStation 4 Pro. During the company’s meeting in New York City, Sony confirmed that the upgraded model of its current generation console would support "true" 4K gaming and HDR display.

Sony also confirmed some of the specs for the PlayStation 4 Pro that had been rumored leading up to the event. It will have more than double the GPU power than the current model, as reported back in April, and a boosted clock speed to the CPU. The Pro will also come with a 1TB HDD internal hard drive.

Sony described the Pro as a "console that provides unparalleled experiences for the 4K TV owner" and added that it would be using its meeting today to explore just how different gaming can look and feel with a HDR and 4K-enabled system. According to Sony's Mark Cerny, game developers are still learning how to create for HDR, and they don't expect all developers to initially support HDR. The standards, according to Cerny, are still in flux and while that can be a challenge for some developers, "supporting HDR does not require radical increases in processing power like 4K does."

Cerny added that players do not need a 4K TV or HDR-supported set to use the PlayStation 4 Pro. According to Cerny, when the Pro is hooked up to a set, it will determine what the best resolution is and will play games at that level. For example, players with an HD television will still be able to play games on the Pro using their current set, and Cerny said there will still be a noticeable difference.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will go on sale Nov. 10 for $399.

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