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Modders build Doom (2016) tutorial level in Doom 2 (1994)

They ported the new game into the original back in July

A group of modders has recreated the tutorial level from this year's Doom inside 1994's Doom 2. Sharp-eyed Doom fans will see this isn't just an homage map.

The weapons, for example, are based on the ones in the 2016 game, and set off-center as they are in that game (they appear in the center in Doom 2, and there's an a option for that view in this year's Doom).

This is the work of a team called "Doom(4) for Doom," which back in May began work on a project to recreate the entirety of the new Doom in the 1992 original. They finished that mod in early July. It's available through the ZDoom forums.

The tutorial level in Doom 2 is an offshoot that was built in "a couple weeks," the modders say. You can see the original in this let's play video, beginning after the cinematic at the 2-minute mark.

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