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All PS4 models get HDR compatibility next week

Time for a system update

The PlayStation 4 firmware gets an update next week to add HDR compatibility, Sony announced during today’s PlayStation Meeting. Owners of the console can go and update their consoles to get access to the new firmware.

It's likely that this is version 4.00, tested out earlier this summer in beta, by select users, adds several features meant to streamline the user interface. Sony announced today that one of those is high dynamic range compatibility (HDR) for PS4. The PlayStation 4 Pro, revealed today, will also be able to output games in HDR; that and 4K streaming capabilities are two of its biggest selling points.

The firmware update makes all PlayStation 4 models HDR-compatible. The PS4 family now includes the currently available model, the slimmed down PS4 that arrives on Sept. 15 and PS4 Pro. Despite the firmware update, only PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to output games in 4K, however.