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Super Mario Run coming to iOS this holiday (update)

Nintendo and Apple are joining forces

Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage during today’s Apple event to announce that Super Mario games are coming to iOS. Super Mario Run is the character's first iPhone game, and Miyamoto debuted the game live during the show.

Mario travels across a classic stage to collect as many coins as possible in a set time limit. Tapping makes him jump, and the entire game is playable with just one hand. There are several worlds to explore in the game; the demo showed a menu screen with six worlds.

There's also a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally that allows you to race against opponents on your friends list. Miyamoto also said that players can compete with others around the world. It's still about collecting coins, but this mode is also about impressing the titular Toads as well. This is purely a time-based mode, without a flagpole denoting the endpoint of the level.

Miyamoto said that the game will be available for a set price. Pricing and a release date will be announced later this year, and Super Mario Run is available this holiday season. Also coming are Super Mario stickers with the new iOS, iOS 10.

Super Mario Run's App Store page is now live, and it includes an an option that will notify visitors when the game is released. The page, seen below, also notes that the game will include in-app purchases, but doesn't get more specific as to how. There are also details about a third game mode, one where players can construct their own Mushroom Kingdom with coins collected in the other two modes.

Update: Super Mario Run will launch first on the App Store, according to a press release from Nintendo. The game is not an iOS exclusive, but will be available to iPhone and iPad owners this December before making its way to other platforms.


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