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Apple announces Watch 2

Will cost $369 and go on sale later this month

During Apple's iPhone 7 event today, the company confirmed the release of the Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS.

Apple said The second-generation model of the company's smartwatch has longer battery life, a screen that is twice as bright as the current model, a dual-core processor that is 50 percent faster and a GPU chip that delivers twice the performance. The new Watch will also be available for the first time in a cool, white ceramic material.

Apple announced today that Pokémon Go would be coming to the Apple Watch, and now that Series 2 devices don't need to be paired with an iPhone to use GPS; players can just use an Apple Watch 2 to play the game, if they like. The Pokémon Go Plus peripheral will still be available later this year, however, with Niantic's John Hanke confirming that it was still on schedule to be released this month.

The new Watch is also swim-proof, meaning you can wear it while swimming; it is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. During the presentation, Apple announced that in order to make it completely water-resistant, after the Watch is taken out of the water, the speakers will physically push the water out of the device. It's a new technology that Apple has been working on, confirming that its biggest group of consumers tends to be people using the device for exercise purposes.

On that note, Apple announced that it has partnered with Nike for a special edition version of the Watch 2 dedicated for running purposes. The device comes in a black and lime green or grey and lime green color and has specific uses for Siri and the built-in GPS.

The Watch 2 will cost $369, and the original Watch, which is getting a processor upgrade, will be available for $269. The Watch goes on sale Sept. 20 and the Nike version will be available in late October.

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