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Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games won't make it out this fall (update)

Super Mario Run launching in their stead

Nintendo's launch plans for its previously announced upcoming mobile titles, based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, have changed. In a press release, the company confirmed that these games are now due on smart devices by the end of March 2017, missing their previous fall 2016 launch window.

"After the launch of Super Mario Run in December, Nintendo plans to deliver its previously announced mobile device titles in the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series before the end of March, 2017," Nintendo said.

Super Mario Run, an iOS game announced during today's Apple Event, will instead be the company's next collaboration with mobile game developer DeNA. Unlike their first downloadable title, Miitomo, it will launch at a fixed price. Super Mario Run's due this holiday season, although neither a release date nor a price have been confirmed.

Nintendo announced in March 2015 that it had plans for a total of five mobile games by March 2017. With Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem set to launch by the end of that timeframe, it's unclear if the company has plans for a fifth release before the end of next March. When they do arrive, they'll be available on both iOS and Android and will be free-to-play.

Update: Nintendo told Polygon that Super Mario Run had a hand in the delay of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

"Based on a variety of factors, we felt it was most appropriate for Super Mario Run to launch ahead of these other two apps," the company said in a statement. "Our Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles for mobile will launch before the end of our fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017."

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