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Watch Horizon Zero Dawn running on PS4 Pro

4K does wonders for the wild

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of several games to get a big graphical boost from PlayStation 4 Pro, the upcoming, 4K- and HDR-capable new PS4 Sony announced today. During today's PlayStation Meeting, the company debuted new gameplay from the upcoming adventure title, and the footage shows off the power of the Pro.

Above, watch as protagonist Aloy roams through the prehistoric jungle, wrangling her way around mechanical dinosaurs. All of the gameplay show will be possible on standard PlayStation 4 models, but PS4 Pro pushes the game even further, with higher textures and more detailed visuals. The game will be optimized for 4K TVs when running on the new console.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches next February exclusively on PlayStation 4, having first been planned for a 2016 launch. Set in a strange future where dinosaurs meet machines, the game is the latest release from Guerilla Games, the makers of the Killzone franchise.

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