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PlayStation 4 Pro will have HDR gaming; here's what it looks like

Sony will need developers to support it

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone showcased the visual power that the new PlayStation 4 Pro will provide when connected to a 4K television and playing an HDR-developed video game.

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for PlayStation, said developers won't be expected by Sony to initially support HDR. While HDR development may pose a challenge to some developers, "supporting HDR does not require radical increases in processing power like 4K does."

There are basically two tiers of added performance with PlayStation 4 Pro. The first is a PS4 Pro-supported game that also plays on the standard PS4, such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or next year's Mass Effect Andromeda. Then there are HDR games, which must be developed specifically for that format and will require a 4K-supported TV to show.

Gone Home, above, showcases the highest end of performance. Cerny said when the PS4 Pro is connected to a television, it will determine the best resolution for a game and will play it at that level.

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