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Netflix, YouTube 4K apps coming to PlayStation Pro

All of your streaming needs

Netflix and YouTube are getting new 4K apps specifically for the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony announced today. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced today that the Pro, which boasts 4K and HDR-capabilities would be supporting services like Netflix and specific channels on YouTube that have embraced 4K filming.

Shows like Luke Cage and Narcos' second season will be available to stream in 4K for those that have 4K supported television sets and PlayStation 4 Pro. Netflix has been carrying 4K and HDR-capable television shows and films for quite some time, but it's still not available to stream in 4K on most consoles. According to House, Netflix is expecting to have more than "6000 hours of 4K content" by the end of the year.  The app is also available on the Xbox One S, which also touts 4K-capable video playback and HDR imaging.

The YouTube app won't be available at launch, but it will support 4K playback. House didn't offer too much information on the new app, but it will play HD, 4K and regular formatted videos. House also didn't offer any information on whether streaming services like Amazon, which also support HDR streaming, will be coming to the console.

The PlayStation Pro will be available to purchase on Nov. 10 for $399.

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