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The PlayStation Camera's getting a redesign (update)

That sure looks different

Sony unveiled a new design for the PlayStation Camera following today's PlayStation Meeting. Official images have made their way online, despite the lack of presence during the event itself. The peripheral will cost $59 when it launches on Sept. 15.

Twitter user Wario64 uploaded images of the redesign from two angles, as seen below:

Those in attendance also got to see PlayStation Camera on the show floor, alongside other new additions to the PlayStation family including the PlayStation 4 Pro and a trimmed-down PlayStation 4. The Pro is 4K- and HDR-capable and will bump up the graphics of select PS4 games; it's available on Nov. 10. The PS4 slim, as it's known colloquially, launches Sept. 15 and is a lighter, thinner version of the current PS4.

PlayStation Camera is an integral accessory for one other piece of hardware that didn't make too much of an appearance during the event: PlayStation VR. The PlayStation Camera is required for the PlayStation VR platform, which uses the accessory for head-tracking. A bundle including the peripheral's older design is up for pre-order and costs $500.

Update: The Japanese PlayStation page reveals a Sept. 15 release date for the new Camera peripheral. That's the same date as the slimmer PS4 goes on sale both in Japan and stateside.

Update #2: The peripheral launches worldwide Sept. 15 and costs $59 in the United States, Sony confirmed in a press release.