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Here's PS4 Pro, PS4 slim and the OG PS4 side-by-side

Introducing the whole family

The PlayStation hardware lineup increased in size today.

Sony introduced two new models of the PlayStation 4 during its PlayStation Meeting, an event streamed live from New York City this afternoon. The new consoles are polar opposites: The PlayStation 4 Pro is a hefty revision of the original PS4, weighing almost a full kilogram more than the older model. The PlayStation 4 slim, as it's unofficially known, is much lighter than the Pro and sleeker than the original PS4.

Yet all three — and the upcoming PlayStation VR headset — are family, differences be damned. Following today's presser, Sony released some comparison shots that double as the first family portraits of the new, extended PS4 line. Take a look below to see all four units of hardware, including looks at the consoles from a variety of angles. For those eager to know just how much bigger or smaller the Pro and Slim are than the older PlayStation 4, here's your chance to get a good sense before heading to stores on Nov. 10 and Sept. 15, their respective launch dates.