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Watch 10 minutes of Endless Space 2 grand strategy gameplay

Galactic conquest sequel is complex and immense

Take a look at this ten minute cut from Endless Space 2, the new space strategy game from Amplitude.

In the tradition of games like Master of Orion, it tasks the player with exploring the galaxy, expanding their empire, mining resources and either fighting or accommodating rival civilizations. Paris-based Amplitude has made a name for itself in the epic strategy genre with positive receptions for both the original Endless Space and fantasy spin-off Endless Legend.

The video above looks at some of the complex systems going on inside the game, manifested in a host of management screens. To the layperson, the initial reaction might be one of bafflement, but Amplitude has done a decent job of reducing massive data manipulation into a reasonably digestible series of screens.

endless space 2

At the center of the game is the map, through which the player threads a swarm of space ships, tasked with exploratory and military duties as well as resource extraction. Within each cluster of planets, the player can also zoom in to take a look at resources on offer, as well as seeding colonies which must be defended and managed.

As colonies grow, elections are held and laws are passed, which the player manages in order to shape policy direction. The people will react poorly to any decisions the player makes that do not fit with their priorities. Populations are split into factions that allow the player to predict likely reactions.

endless space 2

A technology tree also allows for greater access to resources and to various preferred cultural paths, including scientific, cultural and militaristic. Players can skip advancements they don't view as a priority, moving onto heavyweight technologies that suit their own particular needs.

Individual screens are used to manage fleets and battles, which take place either in space or on planetary surfaces. The various alien races all have their own lore, cultural emphasis and goals as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Endless Space 2 is being published by Sega and will be available on Steam Early Access some time this month.