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New Luke Cage clip features broken bones and broken windows

You could say it packs a punch


Luke Cage is just a few weeks away from being available to stream entirely on Netflix, but yesterday, a new clip was posted showing off a fight featuring the titular superhero.

In the video, Cage is in a restaurant in Harlem where a group of men seem to be intimidating the couple who own the venue. When Cage steps in and asks them to stop "being disrespectful," one of the gang members decides to take him on with disastrous results.

Like other clips that Netflix has released over the past few months, the Luke Cage that appears in the video is calm, collected and cool, making every punch or toss seem effortless.

Luke Cage, which stars Mike Colter in the main role, will debut on Netflix in full on Sept. 30. The show marks the third series in the Netflix and Marvel cinematic run, following Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The fourth will be Iron Fist, which is currently filming, and the final series will focus on all four superheroes as the Defenders.

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