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Report: Xbox Live faster, more reliable than PlayStation Network

Microsoft sounds pretty proud of itself

Where speed is concerned, Xbox Live has PlayStation Network beat. That's according to a study conducted earlier this summer, whose findings comprise a report by analytics firm IHS Markit. Microsoft shared the results today, accompanied by a possible new tagline for Xbox Live: "the fastest, most reliable gaming network."

IHS Markit compared Microsoft and Sony's online networks in a series of tests, rating their speed and stability across several metrics. The bars on the graphs below reflect whether there are noticeable differences between the services, and Xbox Live is seen to outperform PlayStation Network across a majority of categories.

For reliability, IHS Markit tested the time it takes to log into each network, prioritizing initiation speeds and simplified processes. With its two-step login and frequent network outages, PlayStation Network was bested by Xbox Live in all but one category. PlayStation Network, according to the study, is a bit better at matchmaking.

ihs markit reliability IHS Markit

As for speed, that survey was "based not only on how quickly consumers could connect to a gaming network, but also on how quickly gaming tasks could be completed," according to the report. These include lag, matchmaking, load times, logging in and getting friends into a game. The results here were much the same as they were for reliability, as seen below; PlayStation Network slightly excels at finding players faster, but Xbox Live is overall quicker at uploading data and letting players log in.

ihs markit speed IHS Markit

Overall, IHS Markit concludes that Xbox Live beats PlayStation Network in terms of logging in, having players join parties and the quality of its voice chat, the latter of which was based on an average of subjective data. PlayStation Network tips the scale only when it comes to matchmaking, according to the firm.

Sony hasn't commented publicly on the report, which Microsoft noted came from July 2016. Yet Microsoft is already incorporating the research's findings into its marketing, with an ad campaign touting Xbox Live as the top multiplayer experience on console.


Microsoft has gotten into the mood of piling on Sony, especially after last night's lackluster PlayStation hardware reveal event. Immediately following the unveiling of PlayStation 4 Pro, a high-end model meant to compete with next year's Xbox One revision, Project Scorpio, top brass at Microsoft tweeted about the Xbox One's superiority.

Project Scorpio hasn't been fully revealed yet, but what we do know thus far suggests it's more powerful than the upcoming PS4 Pro, which launches in November. We'll surely hear more from Microsoft about all the things Project Scorpio is capable of over PS4 Pro before it hits retail in holiday 2017.

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