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Home Alone with realistic injuries is very hard to watch

Don’t say we didn’t warn you

Home Alone is the comedic tale of a child who is completely forgotten by his family and is forced to fight for his life against two home intruders. The inventive young man continually finds new ways to try and kill his enemies, which results in a series of brutal injuries.

It’s a film for people who watched Tom and Jerry and thought it should be both live action and much more disturbing. The popular YouTube series Home Alone with Blood attempts to show a much more realistic version of what would happen to the film’s antagonists if they were to, say, have a brick dropped on their heads.

The entire series is up on BitMassive’s YouTube channel, in case you needed the maximum amount of tonally dissonant gore in your life.

For the header image of this story, I tried to find an instance of an injury that was edited in, but literally every still frame I grabbed would likely be upsetting if someone wasn’t ready to see graphic violence. So I nixed that idea.

This series is not pretty and, while the concept is funny, it very quickly moves straight into “holy hell that’s awful” territory. I’m not sure if this is the best thing or the worst thing I’ve seen online this month, but it’s nice that it exists to place Home Alone back into the running for the most violent film of 1990.

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