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There was an easy way to beat this Super Mario World enemy all along

Nintendo hides so much stuff in its games, man

A boss battle from Super Mario World, featuring Big Boo.

We’ve previously reported on Supper Mario Broth, one of Tumblr’s best and weirdest blogs. The site, which collects little-known Super Mario trivia, recently shared yet another fun fact, this time about Super Mario World. It turns out that there’s a trick that makes playing the Super Nintendo classic way easier, unbeknownst to many.

A post on Supper Mario Broth shows Mario taking down a Big Boo, one of the toughest enemies in Super Mario World, with one easy trick. Instead of jumping over the gigantic ghost, Mario simply slides down the stairs, knocking the ghoul right off its platform.

Yep, that’s it. It’s such an easy maneuver that’s not obvious to the average Mario player, but it’s one that makes beating these baddies so much simpler. Without knowing this quick one-hit kill, players had to resort to jumping on trampolines to get over these huge ghosts. They could also spin jump over them with enough momentum, but both options are a crapshoot.

Not surprisingly, Supper Mario Broth’s revelation has taken many by surprise, even as several say they’ve known about the move for some time.


Yet others have shared more Super Mario World secrets they’ve discovered in light of the post, like that the similar Big Bubble enemies can be defeated by the same method. Mario can also slide into buzzsaws to get rid of them, too, as a NeoGAF user posted:


As this and other Supper Mario Broth posts reveal, Mario games are full of things still waiting to be discovered, decades later.

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