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Meet the Xbox One’s latest controller colors

You’ll be green with envy for Valentine’s Day

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Xbox One wireless controller - Red
The Xbox One wireless controller, now in Red.

Microsoft is introducing two new colors of the Xbox One wireless controller, and they’re about as simple as you can get: “Red” and “Green/Orange.”

Sure, they’re not as basic as the two-tone Magma Red and Wave Blue colors in which the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 is available. But they aren’t nearly as fancy as last year’s “Shadow” models.

The Red Xbox One gamepad features a two-tone finish that’s similar to the aforementioned DualShock 4, although the primary color is a deeper shade of red than on Sony’s controller. The analog sticks and all the buttons (except the Xbox button) are also red. In addition, there are “gloss highlights” on the triggers, bumpers and D-pad, and behind the sticks.

Xbox One wireless controller - Green/Orange
The Xbox One wireless controller, now in Green/Orange.

There’s also a two-tone color scheme on the Green/Orange controller; the orange appears behind the sticks as an accent color. The green here is more of an olive, lending the gamepad a military feel. As on the Red controller, the triggers, bumpers and D-pad are glossy, and the sticks and buttons are the same olive color as the body of the unit.

The gamepads are the latest design of the Xbox One wireless controller, a model that Microsoft debuted at E3 last year alongside the Xbox One S. This iteration includes Bluetooth support, allowing for wireless gaming on a PC without a USB dongle. The same applies to controllers from the Xbox Design Lab, which are customizable — although it’s not possible to reproduce all the details of the gamepads Microsoft sells, like thumbstick accents — and start at $79.99.

Both the Red and Green/Orange controllers cost $64.99 and will be sold at the Microsoft Store. The former is available today, while the latter will be released Jan. 24 in the U.S. and Jan. 31 “at select retailers worldwide,” according to Microsoft. American customers can also buy the Red controller at GameStop and get the Green/Orange one from Walmart.

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