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Vampire DLC bringing creepy fiends to The Sims 4

Players can convert humans

The Sims 4 is definitely taking a darker turn with its Vampires Game Pack, due out on Jan 24.

Players can take on the form of vampires, with special abilities, such as turning humans into vampires, and moving around using different forms. Vampires are powered by "plasma" which can be purchased, grown or harvested from human characters.

The Sims 4 is an open-ended life simulation for PC in which characters work, socialize, procreate and acquire goods. Previous expansions and game packs focused on relatively tame themes, such as outdoor adventures, fine dining and spooky costumes.

Vampires do not thrive in sunlight, so publisher EA has added a creepy new world to the game, called Forgotten Hollow, where nights last longer. Players can also try to raise their own families of vampires. No price has been announced as yet.

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