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Studio behind Under the Skin releases trailer for unknown, untitled sci-fi movie

No one has any idea what it is

A trailer for a new, unknown and untitled sci-fi movie was released by A24, one of the most acclaimed independent studios of the past decade.

A24, which has produced films like Under the Skin, The Witch, Spring Breakers, Green Room and Moonlight, posted the trailer to its YouTube page earlier today. The trailer doesn’t give away too much about the movie, and without any details, it’s hard to say what it actually is. The safest bet one could make is that it’s a feature-length sci-fi film that focuses on futuristic technology.

A24 also tweeted out the trailer, but didn’t say anything beyond that it would take place in “our near future.” The emphasis on technology, a teenager and the near-future aspect have led to fans of the studio guessing the film will take on a Black Mirror tone. Black Mirror, of course, is the BBC and Netflix’s dystopian series about the negative effects of technology on modern society and pop culture.

Although there isn’t any information right now, the timing seems to suggest more details will be released closer to one of the many film festivals occurring over the next few months. Sundance kicks off in just a couple of weeks, and will be followed by SXSW in March and Cannes in May. A24 has made appearances at all three festivals to debut different titles.

The trailer drop isn't out of the realm for A24, which has a history of eye-catching marketing. When it was promoting The Witch two years ago, for example, the studio launched a Twitter account for Black Philip, the goat that appeared in the movie. It wouldn’t be too surprising if A24 started leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for fans to follow so more clues can be uncovered.

Polygon has reached out to A24 and will update when more information about the project becomes available.

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