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Arms is a fantasy fighter for Nintendo Switch

Joining the launch lineup

Nintendo revealed Arms, a fantasy-style fighting sports game, as one of several exclusives coming to the Switch.

Arms will be available later this spring. It features a roster of characters with different skills, each united by their stretchy, extendable limbs. A trailer showed these powers in action, with two fighters going at it in an arena.

Although the combatants move and jump around the arena, their stretchy arms allow them to make contact from a great distance.

“It’s like boxing, but it’s also like shooting, where you aim and fire at distant opponents,” the game’s producer explained.

The game is played with the Joy-Con controllers’ physical controls, he said. It will use motion, meaning players will actually have to punch and twist to make their characters do the same. Tilting the controllers moves the characters in the same direction of the tilt, fully making use of the Joy-Con’s unique control scheme.

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