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Nintendo Switch minigame collection is 1-2-Switch

Experience the full features of the Joy-Con

Nintendo announced 1-2-Switch during its Switch press conference this evening. The game, available on launch day, is a collection of minigames that show off the different features of the Joy-Con, the Switch’s unique controllers, as well as making use of the console’s hybrid nature.

The game isn’t meant to be played by looking at the screen, its producer explained. Instead, it’s a multiplayer game that uses the two Joy-Con controllers. Players interact by facing each other while using the controllers, which have several unique motion controls.

1-2-Switch includes games like a Western-style shootout, where players face each other while each using one controller. That was shown in the game’s debut trailer, which you can watch above.

Nintendo gave a March launch window for the minigame collection. As for the console itself, the Nintendo Switch hits shelves on March 3 and will cost $299 on launch day.

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