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Here is exactly 3 seconds of the Nintendo Switch UI

You can’t say the headline is misleading

Look ... there’s not much more to say about it. The Nintendo Switch UI was markedly absent from tonight’s one-hour live presentation. Except for this three-second clip. Three very quick seconds. So in the interest of squeezing as much blood from that three-second stone (?) I’ve extracted each unique menu item from that clip to pore over below. Let’s begin!

The console has a Sleep Mode, which stands to reason. The 3DS has a sleep mode, this is also a portable system ... and what if there’s no save spot around and you’re almost at your subway stop? Sleep Mode.

Ahh, System Settings, your one-stop shop for things like network settings, or Nintendo Account information, or maybe system storage management. There’s probably a lot of really fun, really practical stuff in here. The icon indicates, maybe, a brightness setting? One can dream.


We’re not entirely sure what Controllers does but, considering the Switch is geared toward myriad controller configurations, it seems likely this is where you’d configure those configurations, right?

Album is almost surely for viewing your saved screenshots from games since the Nintendo Switch has a dedicated capture button, a la PlayStation 4. In addition, Nintendo’s online service, in its non-paid tier, will offer screenshot uploading to social media. How are you going to manage all those screenshots? In the Album menu, of course!

nintendo switch menu Nintendo

Nintendo eShop. This one is pretty self-explanatory. We have a lot (a lot!) of questions about the eShop on Nintendo Switch and how it works, but one question we don’t have is what this menu item is for. It says it right on there.


The final red menu item isn’t marked in this video, but it is in this shot ... in Japanese. It translates to “Game News” so this is the area for updates. The icon is actually reminiscent of the 3DS’s Notifications menu, where you’d find updates about eShop sales, StreetPass events, system updates and more. Maybe this is similar?

That says “Game News” if your Japanese is rusty.

Of course, above this row of menu items there are games, ostensibly stored on the internal storage (a paltry 32 GB to start with, though that can be expanded) or in one of the system’s GameCards. How large are the games? How many can you store in 32 GB? What is the maximum supported size of a microSD card for the Switch? (The microSDXC cards go up a whopping 2 TB!)

We’ll find out more tomorrow when we get our hands on the Nintendo Switch at the NYC press event. Until then, enjoy watching that three-second loop over and over again.

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