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Resident Evil fans should maybe stay offline for the next week

The spoilers are coming, be careful

In this Resident Evil 7 screenshot, the player character is at a table. Seated around him are members of the evil family that has kidnapped him, including Jack, Marguerite and Lucas. The table in front of them is full of disgusting looking food in the for Capcom

The street date for Resident Evil 7 has been broken in a few locations around the world, and the internet is being filled with certain surprises and spoilers from the game that could lessen your enjoyment of the final experience.

Resident Evil 7 officially launches on January 24, so the end is in sight. But we’re not quite there yet.

Trying to report on this story while not actually spoiling myself has been a bit of a tightrope walk, but so far so good. Others haven’t been quite so lucky, and in some cases fans are being spoiled as a form of trolling.

There isn’t a perfect defense against those sort of “attacks” if you spend a lot of time on gaming forums or on social media, but being aware that it’s going on at least gives you a heads up to be careful.

If you absolutely, positively don’t want to know anything about what happens later in the game or even some of the full endings, it may be best to remain offline altogether. Good luck out there.

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