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How to get the dirty coin in the Resident Evil 7 demo

First, you need the dummy hand

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Update Jan. 25, 2017

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is out, and we've updated this guide to reflect a new way to get the dirty coin. In short, a previous version of this guide recommended playing the VHS tape. We now know that it isn't necessary, and this updated guide will save you the time you'd have spent playing through that flashback.

The simple, weird truth about getting the dirty coin is that nobody's entirely sure how it works. This updated guide is the quickest way we've found, using the least number of steps. Some of those steps will seem unnecessary. And you know what? They may be. But like what's waiting for you down in the basement, the Resident Evil 7 demo is a fickle beast. We know that this worked for us, and we believe it will work for you — and save you time, too.

The Resident Evil 7 demo (officially known as Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour) is more than it seems. Continually updated since its initial release, it's a standalone game — free, hours long and with multiple paths to follow.

In this guide, we'll show you how to collect the dirty coin, an item that you'll take with you into Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Table of contents

There are three phases you'll need to complete, and we've organized our guide based on them.

Get the basement key and avoid the monster

Items required

  • Fuse
  • Basement key
  • Attic window key

Get the fuse

As soon as you wake up, trigger the hidden door with the chain in the fireplace. Look to your left when you enter the crawlspace. There's a fuse on the box in the corner. (The key doesn't appear here until after you watch/play through the VHS tape, which we covered in the Bad Ending section of our full guide to the Resident Evil 7 demo.) Head back into the main room and install the fuse in the breaker box on the wall.

Get the basement key

Go into the hallway and head to the left, toward the kitchen. About halfway there, you'll be at the bottom of the stairs on your left. Head upstairs and push the button labelled "stairs" you find at the top. Because you've replaced the fuse, this button lowers some stairs to the attic. Head up and along the hallway. Take the first door on the right. Go through the room with the phone and the photo of an Umbrella Corporation helicopter and keep to the left. At the foot of the bed, you'll find the basement key. Turn around and trace your way back to the bottom of the stairs on the main floor.

Open the basement gate

Instead of heading for the kitchen, turn right and keep going straight along the hall. You'll go past the door to the living room (with the TV and fireplace) and come to a moldy door. Go through it.

At the end of the hall on the left, you'll find a locked gate that leads to the basement. Use the basement key you just picked up and head down. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and walk up to the white door you find there.

Confront the monster without getting hit

On the other side of this door is a fight with the demo's only monster (well, the demo's only bioengineered monster). You may have noticed that you're unarmed and we haven't pointed you toward any weapons. That's OK. The key here is to not panic. Even if you had a weapon, it wouldn't go well for you — trust us, we tried. A lot.

We're going to walk you through the steps that let you survive this fight. Read through it first and then try it out. We promise it works. They trick is to let the monster attack, and then charge past it.

First walk into the room. You're safe for a second, so get your bearings.

  1. Just to your right when you come in, you'll see a valve wheel on a gurney. We're not going to use the wheel this time through the demo, but it's a good landmark. Walk up to it, then turn around.
  2. Head back to the door you just came through. Jack Baker is there with his punchable evil grin blocking you from escaping. While he's laughing at you, the monster will drop from the ceiling.
  3. Turn around (pull back on the left thumbstick and circle/B to do a quick 180) and turn to the right. Head into the next room with its shelves. In the back of this room is a doll on a high shelf. Next to the doll is your prize, the attic window key. Pick this up and turn around.
  4. This is the tricky part. If you're lucky and/or quick, you can get back into the morgue room without getting attacked by the monster. If you do get attacked, put the hanging body bag between you and the monster. Kick it into the monster and the monster will fall down. Before it regains its footing, head toward the door. (We don't recommend this approach, though. When the monster's on the move, it's a lot more difficult to reliably hit it with the body bag.)
  5. If you're not lucky or quick, wait in the room with the attic window key, and the monster will come to you. It will lunge at you clumsily, and you can use the shelves to stay out of reach. Run behind and past the monster and then straight to the door to the first floor — you don't have to use the body bag this time.
  6. Jack is gone now, so just keep pushing forward and mashing the interact button to kick the door open. As soon as you're through, the door will close automatically.

Next, we're going to head back up to the attic, picking up items along the way.

Create and use the Dummy's Left Hand

You may have noticed that there's some weirdness happening in the ol' Baker house. You're probably also curious about all the stuff hidden away in drawers that we haven't told you to pick up. Well, let's do something about both of those things.

Items required

  • Blank notebook
  • Dummy's finger
  • Basement key
  • Object made of celluloid
  • Dummy's left hand
  • Attic window key
  • Lock pick
  • Axe
  • Bolt cutters
  • Derelict House Footage VHS tape

Collect the blank notebook, dummy finger and the object made of celluloid

From the basement, walk back upstairs. In the first upstairs hallway, on the first table you pass on your left, there will be a drawer you can open. Inside, you'll find a blank notebook. Pick it up, then turn around and head back toward the stairs that lead to the attic.

At the base of the stairs on your right, there's another table with a drawer you can open. Inside this drawer, you'll find the dummy finger. Pick this up as well, then head upstairs.

In the attic, turn right and head toward the pile of TVs. Behind them and a little to the right, you'll find an object made of celluloid. Pick it up.

Open your inventory and combine the dummy's finger with the object made of celluloid that you just picked up to form the dummy's left hand, a hand missing all of its digits except one accusatorially-pointing index finger and most of a thumb. You'll use this to point at the scenes of the crimes as you solve the five murders.

How to solve the five murders

What follows is a list of steps you need to take to, ultimately, collect the dirty coin — an item that you can transfer to the full game.

There are no hints that lead you to these steps and no context clues that point you in the right direction. You may be able to do some of them in a different order, but we can promise that these steps in this order worked for us.

Each solution is a pair of events — first, an ominous giggle, then a location where you use the dummy's left hand.

The bookcase

Just to the right of the pile of TVs in the attic, you'll see some writing on the wall. Get close to the wall and interact with it to learn of the five murders you'll be investigating. (Well, "investigating.")

You will also hear the blood-curdling giggle of a child. While in horror movies (or real life), hearing this is never a good thing, in this case, it means you're on the right track.

The murder-solving pattern

To be clear, before you can solve any murder, you need to stand somewhere and hear the scream. Only then can you move on to the scene of the crime and use the dummy's left hand.

Turn around and take the stairs out of the attic and then continue down to the first floor. Directly in front of the stairs is a fallen bookcase. Get close, then open your inventory. Examine the dummy's left hand and rotate it around so that the finger points at the fallen bookcase.

You'll see a wave of distortion and hear a lot of disturbing sounds as a reward. Congratulations, you (apparently) solved your first murder. A line of text will now appear in the blank notebook you picked up earlier.

Before you leave to solve the next murder, we're going to have you do something weird. Walk through the kitchen, turn left into the hallway and walk until you find the bolt cutters. Pick them up. Turn around, head back toward the kitchen, and then use the bolt cutters to cut the chain on the cabinet. Collect the VHS tape inside.

It doesn't seem strange, right? Well, here's the thing: You're never actually going to use the VHS tape. But based on our experience, having those items in your inventory seems to allow you to, ultimately, collect the dirty coin.

The basement corpse

Turn around and go back up the stairs and then up into the attic. Instead of turning into the room with the telephone and photo of the Umbrella helicopter, keep going straight. The hall will turn to the right. Keep following the hall all the way to the end.

Right next to the boarded-up door, you'll hear the next giggle. (You may need to look at the light. We didn't, but some claim that it's the trigger.)

From here, head all the way down to the basement. Go through the door where the monster was — the monster should be gone now, but if it isn't just run back through the door and repeat until it's safe to explore the room.

Directly across from the door, you'll see a body in a body bag, laying on a gurney. Step close the head of the body and examine the dummy's left hand again. Point the finger in the general area of the body's head, and you'll get the same distortion and more sounds along with another line of text in your (no longer blank) notebook.

The staircase painting

On the way out of the basement, grab the lock pick from the top of the machine against the right wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Take the lock pick all the way upstairs and into the kitchen. To the left of the table, there's a locked drawer in a cabinet. Use the lock pick on the drawer and open it to find the axe. (Where do you keep your axes if not in a kitchen drawer?)

While you're here, go ahead and grab the bolt cutters and retrieve the Derelict House Footage VHS tape like you did for the Bad Ending.

Equip the axe and head toward the stairs. About halfway up on the wall on your right, there's a painting of a woman with some sort of bag on her head. Attack the painting with the axe to hear the next giggle.

Go back down the stairs, turn left and enter Harry Potter's bedroom underneath the stairs. Face the boarded-up door and point the dummy's left hand at it to get the next line of text in your notebook and solve the next murder.

The blue and white wires

The next giggle is actually right here in the bedroom. Turn toward the dresser and mirror in the hallway outside of Harry Potter's bedroom. Walk directly toward it.

When you step into the hallway, use the left thumbstick and circle/B to spin 180 degrees. This should trigger the giggle.

Go back up to the attic (again). Look at the rafter directly over the bed (in the same room as the ladder to the attic window). There are two wires — one white and one blue — that cross there.

Point the dummy's left hand toward where the wires cross. This one is a little tricky, so if it doesn't take right away, wiggle the hand around some until it sticks.

The basement doll

Head back down to the basement one last time,. Past where the monster spawns, in the back room with the shelves, there'll be a new doll on the floor. Crouch down next to the doll to hear the fifth giggle.

Get back up to the kitchen and open the pot of stew (we're going to keep telling ourselves it's stew) on the counter. Point the dummy's left hand at the stew for the final distortion.

How to get the dirty coin

After solving all five murders, head up to the attic one last time. At the base of the ladder that leads to the window, turn right. You'll see a door (that was previously locked) covered in bloody handprints.

Go through to find a not-creepy-at-all rocking chair with a nice inspirational message. Read the message, then collect the dirty coin. Head out of the room and escape the house.

The next level of puzzles.

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