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Arms already has one of the Switch’s most devoted fanbases

There are some diehard fans of this Nintendo Switch game


The vast majority of people have yet to play Arms, a two-player brawler coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. That hasn’t stopped the likes of Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit users from publicizing their obsession with the game, though.

Arms is a new Nintendo franchise, which the company showed off for the first time during last week’s live Switch event. While the game perhaps inspired more questions than answers — When is it out? What else is there to do? Can it really only be played with motion controls? — viewers quickly fell for the game’s unique art style.

Artists have since taken to various communities to share their affection for the game’s characters, who have names like Ribbon Girl, Spring Man and Mechanica. The memorable designs have inspired a plethora of fan art already:

Just as common are gags, however, poking fun at Arms’ very simple title. These kinds of easy jokes were to be expected with a name like Arms, of course.

Regardless, Nintendo fans’ love for the Arms cast has incited their excitement for the full game. The Arms subreddit is already full of people hoping for amiibo inspired by the characters, as well as repeat viewers of the game’s debut trailer analyzing the video to see what kinds of weapons are available in the game.

There’s also talk about the game’s competitive future — again, a discussion that is based on both previews and brief trailers. The Nintendo Switch’s future in esports has been a common talking point, however, ever since the console’s reveal trailer showed it in a competitive arena.

For what it’s worth, we really enjoyed our hands-on time with Arms during Nintendo’s Switch showcase for media last week. It’s one of the games we’re most eagerly awaiting on the new console, and we also can’t wait to see more from those charming characters.

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