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These are the best moments from the final Logan trailer

So many scenes of claws ripping through bodies

The final trailer for Logan, the third installment in the Wolverine franchise, brought with it some intense scenes featuring the titular character and his mini-mutant, X-23.

From X-23 taking down a Quicksilver look alike (sorry, Marvel) to a final, bloody scene featuring the two mutants together, there are a number of solid moments that we thought would play out nicely as GIFs. So we made some. Included below are different scenes from the final Logan trailer that caught our eye.

The shades X-23 is rocking in this scene are almost as cool as her takedown of the Quicksilver-like gas station attendant. Wolverine busting in to grab X-23’s hand before she can pummel said attendant to death, uttering a simple, “Not okay,” before leading her away is so overprotective and fatherly, it’s kind of adorable.

“We’ve got ourselves an X-Men fan.”

Having Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine pick up an X-Men comic and read about himself is pretty perfect. The self-referential schtick might upset some, but the film is about the acknowledgment that mutants have all but gone extinct. It’s the type of joke that seems to work with the tone director James Mangold is going for.

As if X-23 wasn’t cool enough, this gory scene proves just how deadly Wolverine’s clone is. After Donald Pierce (the blonde leader who can be seen in the GIF above) and his Reavers (the team of security agents Pierce takes with him to catch X-23) are confronted by the tiny Wolverine, things get wildly out of hand. Out of claw? Regardless, it’s not a happy reunion to say the least.

There’s not a whole lot of storytelling happening in this GIF, but can we just take a second to appreciate how cool a tiny, deadly female Wolverine is?

One of the most interesting aspects of Logan is the relationship between Wolverine and, well, himself. X-23 is his clone, and as much as he doesn’t want anything to do with her, it seems like he can’t stop himself from helping out. With added pressure from an older Charles Xavier, who continuously reminds Logan he may be her only source of support, it doesn’t take too long for the older, gruffer Wolverine to take on the role of surrogate father.

Even though X-23 is clearly the center of the new trailer — and for good reason — fans of Jackman’s Wolverine shouldn’t feel too disappointed. The actor is back in top form for the role, as seen in the footage above. There will be moments focusing on the familial relationship between Wolverine and X-23, but the violent, brooding mutant will still dole out quite a bit of damage...

... with a little help from his friends.

The Wolverines will embark on their cross-country journey in Logan on March 3.

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