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Overwatch players encounter a Junkrat who sounds like the real thing

Party time! Need some fireworks?

Overwatch players encounter a lot of interesting people over voice chat. Sometimes you’ll find a foul-mouthed pre-pubescent teen or a player who’s clearly tilted beyond measure, screaming until the mic cuts out. But other times, there are a few pleasant surprises.

YouTube user rinsenpai was playing a competitive match with some friends when he heard a member on his team not only talk like Junkrat but sound like him too. The mystery man didn’t reveal his identity — his user name was simply “Junkrat”. At first, the team thinks someone’s just using a soundboard, but after making a few comments to him, he responds.

He’s in character for the entirety of the video, even nailing down the trademark maniacal laugh. Choice lines include “Oh my god, you guys are actually talking!” and “I love fucking up Winston’s room!”. What’s more is that he isn’t just there for comedic relief; this Junkrat actually provides useful communication with his team. It’s refreshing to hear anyone get into the team spirit when playing Overwatch, but there’s nothing like hearing the “real” Junkrat seeing a Genji up top or suggesting that he flank from the side.

Whether this was just a great imitator, or by some chance the voice actor himself, the video is still a treat to watch. Fingers crossed that we’ll also have the privilege to be graced by his presence in a match some day.

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