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Overwatch’s highlight intros are even better with cats

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Overwatch’s offense heroes and all of their highlight intros just got reimagined as cute, animated cats, thanks to YouTuber user dillongoo. No hero is safe from puns, perfectly rounded paws and adorable feline stereotypes. Set on the Hanamura map, Dillongoo reimagines each “Play of the Game” animation that plays at the end of a match, turning the Overwatch cast into cats instead.

Tracer is reimagined as a tubby, orange cat named Chaser, who wields rolls of toilet paper instead of pistols. Whisker: 76 is still a grizzled veteran, but he happens to shoot fish instead of helix rockets. MeowCree brandishes a squawking bird instead of a gun.

Only Overwatch’s offense-based heroes have received dillongoo’s kitty treatment. We’re not sure yet if it’s planned to be a series or if this is a one-off, but we can only hope to see the rest of the cats — or cast — in action in a future installment.